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Systematic Investment Plan Calculator

While there is a process to calculate the SIP manually, it is time-consuming and prone to error. SIP investment calculator is an online tool which helps you calculate your expected SIP fund returns. It gives you a projected estimate of the maturity amount for any weekly, monthly or quarterly SIP investment. Using this tool you can easily calculate the amount to be invested to get a specific amount of return after a specific period of time. Investment and SIP calculation has never been this easier.

Systematic Investment Plan(SIP)

Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is an investment scheme brought forward by mutual fund companies which lets you invest small amounts regularly over a long time frame and get huge returns for the same. The investments can be made on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. It is one of the most effective passive means to create wealth in the long term.

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How does the SIP investment calculator work ?

The SIP investment calculator does the calculations for returns for your monthly SIPs in several mutual fund categories like large-cap funds, small cap funds, etc. This is a simple and user-friendly tool which may be used by anyone for financial planning.

Disclaimer : The information derived from this online tool is only an estimation of the figures that could be achieved through the relevant schemes. Therefore, the figures shown should only be considered as a rough estimate of the future value. The calculations done here are based on projected annual returns and the actual returns may be higher or lower depending on the market conditions. Therefore, it is advisable to do your own analysis or get the services of a financial advisor before making any investment.